Do we have a set price we pay for coins or currency?
   There are a lot of factors to consider when appraising a coin's value. Some of these factors include: condition, date, circulation and rarity.
  I have a lot of Dimes, Quarters and Half Dollars, what are they worth?

   Coins from 1964 and earlier are made from 90% silver and half dollars from 1965-1970 are made from 40% silver. The value of these coins will change with the market and are typically bought and sold in bulk based on their silver value. There are some dates that could have a higher value, so bring in your lot and our expert appraiser will appraise your coins.

Will cleaning or polishing my coins bring a better price?
  Absolutely Not! Please do not clean or polish your coins it actually devalues your coins. Even using a soft cloth can leave small abrasions that a professional dealer will see thus reducing the value. Remember, dirty coins will not affect the coins value.

  What is the best way to store my coins so they keep their value?
   Coins should be stored individually so they don't come into contact with each other. Make sure to use coin approved containers. If you use booklets, please do not use tape to secure coins into booklets as the tape adheres to the coins causing discoloration which will cause the value of your coins to drop.